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Metcalfe Rock Climb & Crevice Caves

415500 10th Line


Year Round: YES

Metcalfe Rock Climb & Crevice Caves

Metcalfe Rock is a popular escarpment climb at the west side of Kolapore Uplands Nature Reserve. Numerous climbing routes exist along the limestone cliffs that range from easy (Peanut Butter, Pick-Pocket) to intermediate (Mother of Jam, White of Spring) to advanced (Jam, El Camino, Anvil Rock) in difficulty. Belay anchors are fixed above the cliffs to prevent damage to trees along the edge. Professional rock climbing and caving outfitting and lessons are available from adventure tour guides such as Free Spirit Tours - 705-444-3622.

The Metcalfe Crevice Caves feature narrow passageways, grottos and tunnels that were created by splitting and shifting of the rock face due to freeze and thaw cycles over millennia. The caves are refreshingly cool to explore during hot weather and some exhibit calcium crystals from interactions with moisture. Unusual ferns, mosses and rock tripe grow along walls that drip with condensation during summer. Some grottos like the Ice Cave maintain ice deposits well into summer. The Birth Canal is aptly named for its tight exit opening. Contorted trees cling to the rock faces and long, braided cedar roots extend into the atrium of the caves, searching for moisture.

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