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Pelee Island Heritage Centre & Museum

1073 West Shore Road
Pelee Island

Phone: 519-724-2291
Email: Click here >>

Mailing Address:
1073 West Shore Road
Pelee Island, Ontario
N0R 1M0


From: May To: October

Pelee Island Heritage Centre

The Pelee Island Heritage Centre aspires to research, collect and preserve the evidence of the Island’s (and neighbours’) human history, to protect the community’s natural heritage, and to educate the public through exhibits, publications, special presentations and its extended stay education program.

The Heritage Centre contains fascinating displays of island artifacts that depict the geography, nature and history of Pelee Island. Exhibits include fossils, wildlife and wonderful photographs of pioneering times. The centre also hosts daily video presentations and a Kite Museum. An ancient native grindstone is displayed in front of the centre.

Where can you go in Canada to see Prickly Pear Cactus, fields of vineyards, a rare Blue Racer snake, 20,000 pheasants, native Coffee Trees, a 170 year-old lighthouse, flat alvar landscapes, and buildings that evoke an era of hand-quarried limestone, steamships, iceboats, saw mills and pump houses? One place. Pelee Island.

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Drive In:   
Parking Size: Regular; | Parking Cost: free |
Boat In:    Docking Size: all sizes | Proximity to Shoreline: waterfront on Lake Erie |
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