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Pelee Island Ferry Service - Pelee Island Terminal

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From: April 1 To: Dec. 11, 2016

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The Pelee Island Transportation Company services Pelee Island from April 1 until mid-December, offering vehicle and transportation services on its two ferries, the MV Pelee Islander and the MV Jiimaan. With departures at Leamington from mid-March until the end of July, at Kingsville from August until mid-December, and at Sandusky from the end of April until mid-October, ferry service is available from Canadian and United States ports. Make sure to check your departure location, and don’t forget to make a reservation for your vehicle!

A dozen and more factors made Pelee Island and the islands of the Lake Erie archipelago a place which has become home to a myriad of species rare to Canada. Almost one third of the vascular plant diversity of all of Ontario is represented on Middle Island and Pelee Island. Carolinian Canada at its richest is found there. Rare insects, snails, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians comprise an ecosystem of outstanding natural heritage. Glaciation left a variety of habitats for wildlife: wetlands, sand dunes, alvars (areas of limestone with shallow soil), and deep soils suitable to the trees of the Eastern Deciduous Forest zone. The shallow waters of Lake Erie reach relatively high temperatures in the summer months, giving the islands a micro-climate typical of more southern locations and a two-week longer growing season than the adjacent mainland. The island also has its own appellation as one of Ontario's premier wine regions, where tours and tastings of outstanding vintages are available at the Pelee Island Wine Pavilion.


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    Vehicles must be at ferry dock at least 1 hour prior to departure to maintain reservation. Reservations:


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    Restrictions: Pets allowed in vehicles and in designated outside deck areas.

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